Map of Poland

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A trip to Poland usually offers the promise of beautiful human experiences. Lively and dynamic, Poland is coming back from day to day after a period of trusteeship of almost half a century. Rid of the heavy shadow of Moscow, she has resolutely turned from the beginning of the late 1980s to the West (look at the map of Poland).
After 123 years of disappearing the map of Poland, some brief years of independence then 6 years of Nazi barbarism and 45 years of communist totalitarianism, Poland is among the nations that have suffered the most in Europe. Happy nations have no history, they say. The sufferings and vicissitudes of Poland have wounded her but have not destroyed her, making this Slav nation even more endearing to the traveler.
After having suffered several dictatorships and massacres, Poland has suffered from its history, but it is only more beautiful today. Its many UNESCO World Heritage sites alone justify your visit, to Poland but are only the showcase that encourages you to enter this great shop. Many cities of Poland are must see (see the map of Poland);
The situation before the invasion of Poland was In January 1934, Adolf Hitler signed a pact of non-aggression with Poland, although it aimed Polish territories lost by Germany during the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. For him, it is to prevent an alliance between France and Poland, the time to rearm (show map of Poland).
In the 12th century, the former kingdom of Poland is fragmented into several duchies. Everyone had a capital then. In the 14th century, under the leadership of Ladislas I, Krakow was chosen as the capital of the reunified kingdom. Casimir the Great reinforces the cultural influence of the city by building the first university of Poland (show map of Poland).