Map of Poland 1900

This map shows the Map of Poland 1900. You can freely to print the Poland 1900 map. The Map of Poland 1900 is printable and downloadable on this page.
Henryk Sienkiewitz, the Nobel Prize for Literature 1900 is received at the Elysee Palace. After shaking hands, the man explains the tragedy of his country, Poland. Burst between three empires, Russia, which possesses the whole territory of the Vistula, Austria-Hungary, where live the inhabitants of Krakow and all the rest of Galicia, and finally Prussia with Posnania, Poland no longer exists (see the map of Poland 1900).
Monday, November 11, 1918 Poland regains its independence. One hundred years later, this day symbolizes for all Poles the return of their State in the concert of nations. November 11, Polish National Day, which was celebrated in 1937, celebrated twice before the Second World War and was suppressed under communism, is celebrated again since 1900 (see the map of Poland 1900).
At the dawn of 13 December 1981, General Wojciech Jaruzelski proclaims the "state of war" in Poland (look Poland 1900 map). The formula refers to the suspension of legal guarantees and is akin to martial law.6000 trade unionists are arrested. The free union Solidarnosc, founded eighteen months earlier, is dissolved. The emotion is immense in Poland as in the West.