Map of south Poland

Map of southern Poland. Map of south Poland (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of south Poland (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. South Poland attracts more visitors than any other region in the country, and its appeal is clear from a glance at the map. The Tatra Mountains bordering Slovakia are the most spectacular in the country, snowcapped for much of the year and markedly alpine in feel. The former royal capital of Kraków is an architectural gem and the country intellectual heart. Pope John Paul II was archbishop here until his election in 1978, but equally important are the city Jewish roots: before the Holocaust, this was one of Europe most vibrant Jewish centres. This multicultural past echoes in the old district of Kazimierz, and its culmination is starkly enshrined at the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, 50km west of the city as its shown in the map of south Poland.

Map of southern Poland

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Lying in the south of Poland, Silesia is a very historical region, although most of its territory has now been divided up among the surrounding regions in Poland, with some of it being located across the border in Germany and Czechia as its mentioned in the map of south Poland. The most south eastern region in the country, Subcarpathia is packed with majestic mountains, with the Beskid and Bieszczady ranges running through it. It also lies at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. With stunning natural sights such as the delightfully named Giant Mountains to see, as well as the rolling Trebeznica Hills, the scenic Jeleniogorska Valley, and the mountain-filled Klodzko County, Lower Silesia in south western Poland certainly boasts an incredible range of landscapes.