North Poland map

Map of northern Poland. North Poland map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. North Poland map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. Even in a country accustomed to shifting borders, north Poland presents an unusually tortuous historical puzzle. Successively the domain of the Teutonic Order, Hansa merchants and the Prussians, it is only in the last seventy years that the region has become definitively Polish. The conurbation of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia known as the Tri-City, lines the Baltic coast with its dramatic shipyards and sandy beaches, while highlights inland include the medieval centres of Malbork and Toruń as its shown in north Poland map. Meanwhile the northeastern region of Mazury, with its seemingly endless networks of lakes and rivers, is a natural wonderland for kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts. Many of the area’s bucolic villages, with their wooden churches and folk traditions, appear to have barely changed since the nineteenth century.

Map of northern Poland

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Some 15km northwest of Gdańsk lies Poland trendiest coastal resort, which boasts Europe longest wooden pier (512m) and a broad stretch of golden sand. With its vibrant nightlife, Sopot is a magnet for young party animals as its mentioned in north Poland map. Please note that roads in northern Poland and the Baltic states are generally good, but those in rural areas can get a bit rough. If you suffer from motion sickness, consider bringing along some medication. The northern part of Poland is bound to surprise you wit hits diversity, wide offer and a fantastic value for money you get here. The pearl of the Hanseatic Union - the old town of Gdańsk - is an obvious destination for the British visitors. A perfect spot discovering the wide range of Polish nightlife is the city of Sopot, located just north of Gdańsk.