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Map of Poland printable. Printable map of Poland (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Printable map of Poland (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download.
As for the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Poland's European vocation has been expressed since the announcement of the fall of the communist regime. In 1988, the first diplomatic relations between Poland and the European Communities were established. Poland applies for membership in 1994 and formal printable negotiations start in 1998. (see printable map of Poland)

Map of Poland printable

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Since entering the EU, Poland has been able to combine strong economic growth with reduced pressure on the printable environment : reductions in greenhouse gases, waste and air pollutants in particular (see printable map of Poland), while getting closer to European standards. Poland, however, must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and develop green growth opportunities.
According to government figures for Poland, delinquency rates are quite low, and apart from the ever-predictable presence of some pickpockets, cities in Poland are relatively safe. However, he recalls that sports events, demonstrations in general and nationalist rallies in particular give rise to violence that sometimes endangers tourists (look at map of Poland printable).