Weather map Poland

This map shows the Weather map Poland. You can freely to print the Poland climate map. The Weather map Poland is printable and downloadable on this page.
The weather map Poland oscillates between oceanic influences and continental trends. The winter is particularly cold. If summer can be hot, the days are delightfully long and the evening entertainment many. However, we prefer the weather at the end of spring and the beginning of autumn, very soft and sunny. As Catholic holidays are particularly popular in Poland, cities are more crowded and some sites may be closed at these times.
The geographical location of Poland in an area influenced by both a maritime and continental weather results in very diverse climatic parameters. The weather map poland is located at the limit of the range of several tree species. In most areas the soils are poor. All these factors combine to create natural conditions unfavorable to forestry.
A weather station was recently installed at one of airports in Poland, providing pilots with real-time map of Poland weather for a difficult runway. The Polish flying club operates a small general aviation aerodrome in northern Poland. The aerodrome has a very short airstrip; an environment that requires pilots to pay close attention to the conditions of visibility in approach.