Map of Poland and surrounding countries

This map shows the Map of Poland and surrounding countries. You can freely to print the Printable map of Poland. The Map of Poland and surrounding countries is printable and downloadable on this page.
Poland is a country of Europe. The Poland is located near surrounding countries and overlooks the Baltic Sea (see map of Poland and surrounding countries). It is crossed by two rivers. The population of Poland is marked by significant emigration because about 12 million Poles have left their country in history.

Printable map of Poland

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The border between Poland and Belarus marks an outer surrounding countries of the European Union (see map of Poland and surrounding countries); cross-border cooperation is therefore progressing in a measured way. The cross-border cooperation program between Poland and other neighboring countries was initiated by ENPI.
Although it is closely linked to the West, Poland still retains more oriental influences. In fact, Poland has been and will remain a pivotal bridge between East and West. That is why Poland is ready to support the entry of it's surrounding countries into the European Union ( look at Poland and surrounding countries map ).