Poland roads map

Map of Poland roads. Poland roads map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Poland roads map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download. The road infrastructure of Poland is underdeveloped by European Union standards. As of December 31, 2009, there are 916 kilometres (570 mi) of motorways (autostrady, singular - autostrada); 606 km (380 mi) of expressways (drogi ekspresowe, singular - droga ekspresowa), and an extensive network of other roads (of which about 1,200 km (750 mi) are dual carriageways as its shown in Poland roads map) connecting all major cities. In recent years, the situation has been improving and government spending on road construction recently saw a huge increase, due to the inflow of European Union funds for infrastructure projects.
Polish statutes define these categories of public roads from March 21, 1985: National Roads – Classes A, S, GP and exceptionally G, Voivodship (Provincial) Roads – Classes G, Z and exceptionally GP, Powiat (County) Roads – Classes G, Z and exceptionally L,Gmina (Municipal) Roads – Classes L, D and exceptionally Z as its mentioned in Poland roads map. Motorways and express roads are part of national roads network. As of December 2008 Poland had 383,313 km (238,180 mi) of public roads, of which 122,080 km (75,860 mi) were unpaved. These roads follow the categories division: National Roads: 18,520 km (11,510 mi), Voivodship (Provincial) Roads: 28,536 km (17,730 mi), 61.4 km (38 mi) unpaved, Powiat (County) Roads: 126,924 km (78,870 mi), 12,539 km (7,790 mi) unpaved, Gmina (Municipal) Roads: 209,333 km (130,070 mi), 109,478 km (68,030 mi) unpaved.
The quality of the Polish road transport system has been stalling the country economic development by slowing down the movement of goods and people. In 2007 only 3% of Polish roads met EU standards. Although the total length of roads is relatively high, Poland is missing the minimum required density of motorways and expressways. 4,808 km (2,990 mi) of the routes were classified as part of TINA European transport corridors as you can see in Poland roads map. According to GDDKiA national roads condition report of 2008, 25% of national roads conformed handling of 11.5 tons per axle loads.