Poland roads map

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The number of fatalities on the Poland roads map has dropped by almost 16%. "Last year, 3,520 people died on roads in Poland, and in 2011 we recorded 4,189 deaths, a decrease of almost 16%. In Poland, a country of 38 million people who regularly ranks as the backbone for the level of roads safety, this is a huge step forward.
In Poland, the Polish Court of Auditors (NIK) publishes a damning report on the Poland roads map, whose lamentable state may hinder the country's integration into the European Union. The report cites the poor technical condition of the Poland roads, the lack of traffic management, the absence of network development plans and the waste of funds by roads services.
The map of Poland roads is dense and roads in good general condition (except in Lesser Poland and the Carpathians, where the situation is less brilliant). The Highway Code in Poland is the same as the other neighboring countries. Permissible speeds: 50 km / h in the city, 90 km / h on the roads, 110 km / h on the express lane and 130 km / h on the motorway.