Physical map of Poland

This map shows the Physical map of Poland. You can freely to print the Poland elevation map. The Physical map of Poland is printable and downloadable on this page.
The physical map of Poland is a vast northern plain irrigated by two rivers that descend from the Tatra Mountains into the Baltic Sea. Poland is a land of migration, which has been a battlefield for centuries. The troubled physical history of Poland has made its borders unstable. The boundaries of the territory have continued, from the tenth century, to move from west to east.
The Western powers had to capitulate, recognized the principle of the independence of Poland, but with inaccuracies radical as the borders of that state (see the physical map of Poland). The Western states wanted the fall of the Bolsheviks and the restoration of a Russian power allied on the model of 1914. So they wanted a limited Poland territorially physical.
In the eastern plain Poland is a millennial state where a strong national personality is perpetuated, despite two geographical fatalities (look at the map of Poland physcal). The limitless space and a soaring position at the front of the Western world. But the Vistula Basin is a nucleus of an ideal resistance for a national state and Poland was an isthmic physical state, crossed by the old trade route from the north to the Mediterranean.