Poland airports map

This map shows the Poland airports map. You can freely to print the Map of Poland showing airports. The Poland airports map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Poland wants to offer a new giant airports. This airports, which will be built between Warsaw and Lodz (see Poland airports map), is set to become a major international hub. If its capacity is to reach 50 million passengers after ten or fifteen years according to analyzes, "its potential could reach 180 million passengers" from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries and who will be able to enjoy the beauty of Poland.

Map of Poland showing airports

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According to the Poland airports map, the Krakow airports is at the top of the charts ahead of other airports in Poland and is the fastest growing. The total number of passengers traveling through this airports represents a 43% increase. Krakow Airports in this Poland city is the second largest airport in Poland.
In Poland the Parliament voted a "special law" which defines the conditions for the financing and the construction of a giant airports and allows in particular to obtain relatively quickly the necessary grounds. The CPK airports is expected to become an intercontinental hub for Poland and neighboring countries, and is to be established some 40 km west of the capital (see map of Poland showing airports).