Poland country map

Map of Poland country. Poland country map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to print. Poland country map (Eastern Europe - Europe) to download.
Poland is part of the European Union. It signed the Athens treaties and since then it is a member of the European community. By cons in Poland there is not yet the Euro. It's worth it to visit the Poland country map before the country changes currency, since it is financially advantageous for Europeans.

Map of Poland country

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Poland is divided into voivodeships, which are divided into powiaty, and these are in turn subdivided into gminy (municipalities). Major country cities in Poland have, for the most part, both gmina and powiat status. Poland is divided into 16 voivodeships, 379 powiaty and 2,478 gminy (see the Poland country map)
After having managed to free itself from communism and turn the page of the planned economy during the 1990s, Poland country has experienced remarkable growth. It is also one of the only states not to have suffered a recession during the economic crisis. Last year, Poland was forced to face a very delicate political crisis (look at map of Poland country).