Poland map outline

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The partition of Poland and its occupation by foreign powers from 1795 to 1918 remains today a major feature of the organization of Poland map outline. Placed under the tutelage of three neighboring states, the territories of Poland have known for 123 years radically different socio-economic trajectories. Today, the old state borders of the three empires having shared Poland are still visible on many outline maps of the Poland.

Poland departments map

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Poland regains its independence on November 11, 1918. The Poland map outline of reference is recognized by the SDN in 1923, after several military campaigns. Poland is a plains territory covering 389,000 km2. The new state adopts a parliamentary democratic constitution in 1921. At that date, Poland has 31.9 million inhabitants including several minorities.
Germany claimed to retain all its eastern borders of 1914, tolerating a Polish state limited to the former Russian and Austrian map of Poland outline. The insurrection of Poznan in December 1919, in the wake of the creation of workers 'and soldiers' councils throughout Poland and then the three successive Silesian insurrections (from 1919 to 1921) were going to force the Germans, but also the Western powers to to make concessions to Poland.