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Enclosed between Western Europe and the former USSR, Poland played a crucial role in European history. Despite the difficult struggle for independence, the Poles have kept their legendary hospitality. We leave for a crossing from the south to the north of Poland on world map and make steps in emblematic places. Starting point is the old capital of the country which remains the main cultural and intellectual center of Poland.

World map showing Poland

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There is fire in relations between Poland and Israel, and it is the whole strategy of the state vis-à-vis the countries of the V4 group (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) that could in suffer. The summit of the V4 group was canceled at the last minute at the initiative of Poland on world map. At issue: an exit from the new Foreign Minister.
In Poland, nothing seems to be able to stop the conservative government's determination to "re-establish Poland" and thus "repolonize the media". The freedom of the press is indeed one of the main victims of this policy. Public media has officially been renamed "national media" and turned into pro-government propaganda programs(see world map showing Poland).
Poland is a suspended nation. It is around the year one thousand that the Polish people enters history. Until then, the Great Plain of Poland, left out of the Roman world (look at world map showing Poland), had above all constituted a privileged way of access to the European peninsula for the successive waves of invaders coming from 'Asia.