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The Poland political map comes out of the Second World War deeply bruised. Human losses are generally estimated at six million people. With the decisive support of the USSR, the communist forces ensured their grip on power in Poland shortly after the end of the war. They eliminate the opposition and proceed to the political collectivization of the economy of Poland.

Map of Poland political

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To speak of the foreign Poland political map is to place Poland in the modern world, to establish in appropriate proportions and dimensions not only its place but also the role it plays and can play in international politics, given the current situation. Poland bases its foreign political on three principles: alliance and friendship with the socialist states, support for liberated countries, coexistence with states with different regimes.
On the scene map of Poland political, very diversified since the change of the political system, in 1989, we find in Poland today many political formations and competing with programs and with visions of the future very different ones others. In this regard, the description of the media outside Poland is rather sketchy and is limited to a short information, not always very clear.