Poland rail map

This map shows the Poland rail map. You can freely to print the Poland train map. The Poland rail map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The TGV in Poland? High speed becomes a reality on Poland rail map rail lines. For the Poles, it was a day like any other, except perhaps for the workers. For employees of the Polish railways, however, it was a double revolution. First of all, as elsewhere in Europe, the second Sunday in December marks the entry into force of the new timetables for rail transport in Poland.
The Poland rail map is highly developed, including the introduction of high-speed commuter trains. From year to year, travel times decrease between the major cities of Poland, without the rates explode. The train is a very affordable mode of transport in Poland. Before getting on the train, show your ticket to someone to be sure.
This is the big return of the train to Poland. The map of Poland rail train transported nearly 304 million passengers, an increase of 4% in one year. In Poland, intermodal transport, which represents a relatively small share of rail transport compared to Western European countries, also has significant growth potential.