Poland topographic map

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The average altitude of Poland is 173 meters, and only 3% of the territory of Poland, along the southern border, has an altitude higher than 500 meters. The highest point in Poland is Mount Rysy, which rises to 2,499 meters in the Carpathians, 95 kilometers south of Krakow. The Poland topographic map is traditionally divided into five topographic zones from north to south.

Map of Poland topographic

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At the extreme south-east of the Poland topographic map, the sandstone links of the western Beskids occupying 3% of the territory, which constitute the outer arc of Poland, reach 1,725 m, enveloping the crystalline massif of the High Tatras (Rysy, 2 499 m, topographic highest point of Poland). The slopes, steep and wooded, fall to the north between the Vistula and the San, on the plateau of Galicia.
Work on fire risk modeling, its origins, its topographic development and its consequences has therefore recently been undertaken in Poland. The main elements of the models are the types of stands and the floristic composition for a given stratum of the forest, the data concerning the map of Poland topographic ... In Poland this system is being developed at the Forest Research Institute.